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About Me

I started my company in 2007 as a way to get back to using my hands. I'd worked in menswear design for many years and got to a point where no amount of exotic travel or illicit substances brought me satisfaction. After a life-changing adventure on a remote Greek island, I got back home and began making leather bags. I had no business plan, no customer profile- nothing to guide me towards any goal. And that was fine with me- I got to make nice things with my hands and that was OK by me.

Fast forward ten years and I have just left my cushy design job to pursue my craft full-time. I now have a retail shop in San Francisco with the workshop attached. I ride my old motorcycle to work every day and love every minute of this quiet life that I set up for myself. 

I'm a real person. You can reach out to me and say hello. Or come by the shop and spend some time.

The main inspiration for my collection is San Francisco's design heritage, which I see as a joyful simplicity.

My pieces are all made by me, one-by-one. Simple.